The question, “What is a Reserve Study?” is commonly asked to us.  A Reserve Study is a tool used by Community Association Managers and Board of Directors to assist in the Budget preparation process. 


The cost to have a Reserve Study performed can vary widely depending on each Association’s amenities. The best way to determine the cost for your Association is to request a quote.


Click here to view a variety of reserve reports. We have multiple levels of reports depending on your specific situation.

Why Aspen Reserve Specialties?

It is our mission to provide a Reserve Study that presents current and sensible advice, preparing our customers for predictable expenditures and providing information for them to maintain their property values. Michael Kelsen, the owner of ARS, is a certified Reserve Specialist by The Community Associations Institute (CAI) and has over 28 years of industry experience.

We have become an industry leader as our Reserve Study products have continued to receive high praise from homeowners, Board members, managers, and industry professionals. Positive feedback includes easy-to-read formatting, photographic inventory, clear guidance, and solid footing on which all assumptions and recommendations are based.

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