“Why don’t you go on roofs 20 feet or higher off the ground?”

Unfortunately, due to limitations in our workers compensation insurance policy, we are not allowed to access any roof that an 18′ extension ladder will not reach. That means a roof that has a gutter line or roof edge higher than 16′ would not be accessed (approximately 2′ – 3′ of the ladder is required above the roof or gutter line for safety reasons). This is a typical practice¬†for all Reserve Study companies. In some cases, we would be able to access some of the buildings on the property to evaluate those roofs, and “assume” the roofs of the other buildings are similar. A Reserve Study company will typically include accessing a “sampling” of roofs and not go on every roof to individually inspect/evaluate the roof. A Reserve Study will usually include accessing a few roofs in various sections of the community and obtaining an overall condition and age assessment of those roofs. We would use this method, along with all records you have regarding past roof replacement projects to conclude the findings and projections in our report.

If you are looking for a professional roof analysis, we would be able to sub-contract with a roof inspection company and can provide you with a more accurate quote. We would take the results of that report and include the suggestions in the Reserve Study.